Top 5 Credit Cards for Travel Rewards


You’ve probably heard from your friend’s sister’s roommate that they used a travel credit card to travel ‘free’ around the world and get all kinds of benefits at the same time! It sounds incredible and maybe even too good to be true. Is this something you could do too?
The answer is yes! Travel credit cards can be a great option for frequent travelers. You will earn points and rewards on purchases you would have made anyway. It is a great way to take advantage of the system and potentially earn even more travel opportunities and perks.

However, a credit card is a major financial decision, and if you make it too soon or with the wrong card, you may end up with more fees and headaches than anything else. Save yourself the headache and read on to find out how the best travel credit cards work, whether a travel credit card is right for you, and which option best suits your needs!

1. Bank of America Travel Rewards

The Bank of America Travel Rewards card is a winning card simply because it has no annual fee. You won’t be forced to pay just to have a credit card! The absence of an annual fee comes at a cost, with a slightly lower rewards rate and sign-up bonus than other top travel credit cards on our list.

But if the sign-up bonus isn’t important to you, this card is a great option! The simplicity of the 1.5x reward rate on all purchases means you don’t have to juggle categories and points. This card is an easy and inexpensive way to enter the world of travel credit cards!

Quick and dirty info:

Annual fee: $0
Sign-up bonus: 25,000 points
Reward rates: 1.5x

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