This Gecko Smiling With His Toy Gecko Is The Purest Thing You’ll See Today


Geckosthese colorful lizards are reptiles and are found on all the continents except Antarctica. They have adapted to habitats from rain forests, to deserts, to cold mountain slopes. Over a long period of time, they have developed special physical technics to help them survive and avoid ennemies . Gecko are using their tails for many purposes. They help balance their weight when climbing, they act as fuel tanks to store fat, and as camouflage to help them disappear into their environment. Geckos are also able to shed their tails if a predator grabs them.

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Today, we are here to meet KOHAKU and his toy gecko. You probably never seen a cuter pair, and their friendship will make you feel a little better and forget how bad is the news cycle right now.

Well, say hi to Kohaku:

Can you handle the CUTENESS???

Kohaku and his toy gecko are really BFF:

You are in love with them, right? #Squadgoals

Taylor Nicole Dean, the famous YouTuber that make videos about animal care and education, first brought our attention to Kohaku on Twitter.

Thank you very much Taylor.

Haha! Look at these two, they are lovely.

What about taking the most serene naps together!

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For them cuddling is a specialty!

My heart is melting!

Like any close friends, they even photobomb each other.

Can you believe it.. OMG!

Also, you have to know that blue is Kohaku’s favorite color.

I’ve never wanted to cuddle a reptile until this very moment.

And he has SO many followers on Instagram:

Take a look at his Instagram, maybe you follow him immediately!

Somebody get him on America’s Next Top Model PRONTO.

Do you agree with us!!

Have a beautiful day, everyone!

And remember: KIWY (Kohaku Is With You)

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