The three drinks listed below will cleanse your body.


Let’s get a good cleanse after a hectic Christmas!

Christmas is over. We had a great time. However, we did indulge in food and drinks more than we planned to do prior. What did we get? We’re getting heavier, and our body retains more fluids due to the salty and sweet foods we’ve consumed.

Time to detox!


After Christmas, it is normal to feel the need to tamp down some: eat a healthy diet and drink plenty of water to eliminate the Christmas weight. The foundation of this is healthy food choices and regular exercise, but the three drinks for detox we’ve prepared to offer today could be a viable solution. Take these drinks in as an additional component to your health and fitness lifestyle. They can help you get rid of the excess water within your body quickly!

1. Lemon water

This is a classic drink: warm water with a bit of lemon. Lemon aids in the digestion of that Christmas meal and boosts the metabolism. Also, it’s a good source of vitamin C which aids in strengthening your immune system as well as helps cleanse your liver. It is good to begin your day with an ice-cold glass with half one lemon added before eating or drinking any other drink.