The Friendliest Cat Breeds


You may have heard this proverb about dogs: dogs are human best friends. Cats are the second most sought-after pet throughout the globe after dogs; still, they have not got any badge like “human’s best friend” or something like that. Rather cats are known for their independent, unwelcoming, self-sufficient, or ambivalent nature. 

Though such notions are nothing more than stereotypes, much scientific data shows that cats develop strong bonds with their human companions, just like dogs or kids. However, instinctively cats are not as expressive as dogs and know for concealing their emotions, love (and even pain). 

Though all cats are lovely, friendly, and affectionate, some cat breeds are more social, playful, caring, and expressive than others. 

For the feline fanciers considering adopting a more sociable, friendly, and playful cat, we have covered some “Friendliest Cat Breeds” in this post. We hope this post will be helpful for you in finding the right companion.



If someone asks for an ultimate lap cat, the first name that comes to mind is “Persian.” Undoubtedly, Persian cats are renowned throughout the globe for their long fluffy coat, cute personalities, and mannerisms. 

By nature, Persian cats are sweet, cool, well-behaved, calm, love to cuddle, playful, and always ready to jump in your lap. The Persian cats are usually not high maintenance, except they need regular brushing to avoid matting their long hairs.