The 8 Best Methods for Cleaning Weathertech Carpets


Floor mats are there for a reason: to keep your car clean. But floor mats need to be cleaned too! Making sure your floor mats are clean is part of any good interior cleaning.

Weathertech floor mats are durable and reliable, so you can keep your car looking good even after spills and general wear and tear. If you have these floor mats, then you need to know how to clean them. Since not all floor mats are made of the same material, we will show you how to clean your floor mats and what products you should use to do so.

If you want to keep your car’s interior spotless, check out the 8 best ways to clean Weathertech floor mats!

1. Shake them

Before applying water or detergent, shake the floor mats to remove loose dirt and dust. There is no need to apply water to dirt that can be easily removed before the cleaning process. This will help you avoid an unnecessary mess.

It is helpful to gently tap the mats against a wall to get as much as possible.

2. Hose down

Make sure that all debris is removed and that there is no mud or other debris that cannot be removed by the pressure of the hose. Use a regular outdoor water hose and give Weathertech floor mats a quick spray.

3. Use a pressure washer

If you have one, a pressure washer can work wonders for more aggressive stains. This one is from Lowe’s.

It will remove any dirt that prevents your carpets from being as clean as possible. If you already wash your car with the pressure washer, you can also remove the carpets and give them a good rinse.

Be careful when doing this, as the force of the water is very strong.

A cheaper alternative is the PowerSmart pressure washer from Home Depot. This pressure washer is lightweight and has a long reach from an electrical outlet.

Set different spray patterns depending on how efficient you want your floor mats to be in cleaning.

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