The 20 Top Luxurious Engagement Rings


We have selected for you some of the most beautiful rings, to which every bride-to-be will say yes without hesitation if you want to wear a ring.

Even more than the wedding dress, the engagement ring or wedding band is what the bride-to-be cherishes the most: the circle is, after all, a symbol of eternity. Since time immemorial, these exquisite rings have been considered a symbol of love and affection and have become true symbols of the promise between husband and wife.

But over the years, jewelers have conjured the classic ring with their fingers to give it a little more sparkle, especially when each bride-to-be is looking for a unique piece of beauty for her finger. With so many options – from diamond cut to setting to design – choosing the ideal ring for life can be quite difficult.

First, decide how much your partner is willing to spend. Then narrow down the diamond cut, whether it’s oval, cushion, emerald, or princess-shaped, before deciding on a style, from the setting to the type of gold, white, yellow, or two-tone.

Once you have an idea of what you want, you can do your friend a favor and give him a good portion of tips. This way, he will know exactly which ring will make you vibrate, so you can make that beautiful sound of “yes.”

If you’re not sure where to start, we can help you out with our selection of exceptionally luxurious rings. From the creative Pivoine ring by Boucheron to the impeccable Regal ring by Lee Hwa Forevermark to the must-have rings by Tiffany & Co, you may just find your dream ring here.

Now there’s no reason to say no.

Harry Winston

Tryst Engagement Ring

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