List of online learning platforms


The technological revolution has paved the way for online learning platforms. Among the most sought-after services on the global market, these platforms offer workers the opportunity to work flexibly while improving their skills. From Udacity to MasterClass to General Assembly, here’s a list of the best online learning platforms for professional development.

1. Coursera

With more than 43,000 university-level certification programs and guides, Coursera is one of the best online learning platforms for businesses. Moreover, the platform offers a unique teaching program compared to other online learning spaces. You will find instructors from top universities and companies like Yale and Stanford. Most courses include assignments, group discussions, projects, and video lectures. Students can choose topics such as math and logic, data science, economics, information technology, and computer science.


  • Online degree programs offered by accredited universities.
  • Courses are offered in multiple languages, including English, French, Arabic, Korean, and Portuguese.
  • Specialization options for students who want to learn a specific skill.
  • Offers certification upon completion of courses
  • Free courses available through the audit option
  • With the Coursera Plus annual subscription, learners can take a variety of courses, specializations, and professional certifications.

Coursera also offers learners homework assignments, video lectures, community discussion forums, and peer-reviewed assignments. The platform is an excellent choice for organizations that want to offer their employees learning pathways from reputable institutions. Individuals seeking a one-time certification, course, or online degree also benefit from Coursera. Depending on the program, these courses cost between $25 and $25,000. Learners can also opt for a Coursera Plus annual subscription for $399.