How Come I Feel Sleepy After Drinking Coffee?


Coffee has always been the main cause of making people awake at night. Some people, however, instead of being awake, feel sleepy and tired and, as a result, experience a caffeine crash rather than a caffeine rush. The following are the main causes of coffee exhaustion:

1. Caffeine Can Affect Stress

The major leading cause of stress is the stress hormone cortisol increase. An elevated cortisol level makes a person feel anxious and stressed. Though those two particular feelings may seem to you to be the source of awakening, they can indeed lead to tiredness and fatigue later on the day. 

2. It Blocks Adenosine’s Effect

Adenosine is generally recognized as one of the primary natural sources of feeling sleepy. Once you drink coffee, the caffeine starts going up to the brain until it reaches it and sticks to the adenosine receptors. Hence, this caffeine behaves as a barrier to adenosine effects. As soon as the degrees of influence of caffeine begin decreasing, your body starts building up adenosine, the thing that straightforwardly hits you to fall asleep right away.

3. You May Have a Caffeine Tolerance


People who regularly drink coffee may establish a tolerance over time. Researchers have shown that while the caffeine starts blocking the effects of adenosine, the body begins producing many other receptors of this adenosine as a natural response. Therefore, the usual amount of coffee would not be adequate over time, and thus the adenosine effects will be higher than caffeine ones. 

4. Sweetener Can Increase Blood Sugar

People who drink coffee with some sweeteners, including sugar and honey, may likely experience a sugar crash, not a coffee crash. They will naturally increase their insulin levels if they are unfamiliar with the sweeteners. This will lead the blood glucose levels to drop and thus undergo a sugar crash. Once you remove the different sweeteners from your cup of coffee, you will notice the real culprit.

5. The Dairy Is Affecting You

Studies have confirmed that diary contains tryptophan, an amino acid mainly related to promoting sleep. This can be one of the reasons for drowsiness. So, a little dairy in coffee does not greatly justify the tiredness. Nevertheless, if people change dairy in their coffee with a plant-based alternative and start feeling more alert, it is an indication that it’s worth ditching the A.M. dairy consumption.

6. Caffeine Can Be a Diuretic

Many researchers proved that as soon as people drink caffeine, they feel they have to go to the bathroom. This indicates that diuretic can be one of its representations since it helps them get out the salt and water from their bodies. Moreover, if people drink coffee without water, they will quickly feel the consequences of hydration, such as thirst, fatigue, dizziness, etc.

7. You Have Mold in Your Coffee

A variety of studies have confirmed that some coffee beans contain mycotoxins, a mold that causes chronic fatigue. Although coffee contains mold, the contamination resulting from mold can be the logical and plausible reason behind struggling to stay awake.