How A Normal Day Looks From Mom’s And Kid’s Perspectives


Our moms put a lot of efforts in so many mundane and exhausting things they do daily with their children. Those things might actually seem to be ordinary, but it really makes their lives extra-magical. Vlogger Esther Anderson of Story of This Life has created a touching video to keep on everyone’s mind that moms, fighting all the srtuggles and chaos, will always be the best thing ever happened to all of us.

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Anderson made a video named “A Normal Day” to celebrate the Mother’s day. It features so many things moms go through on a normal day, such as failed naps, messy diaper changes, and grocery shopping… These examples were not used by Anderson to interpret parents as a failures, but as concerned and loving heroes who, despite all odds, make their children’s time so special. The eye-opening effect was created by showing the same day through the mother’s and her child’s eyes. Sometimes, reality can be the opposite to perception.

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More info: YouTube (h/t: huffpost)