7 Fastest WordPress Hosting Companies in Comparison


The web host you choose for your WordPress website plays an essential role in its speed and performance. But how should you choose the fastest WordPress hosting when so many claim it to be the fastest?

In addition to performance, it is also important to consider the cost and features of each plan. Trying to research and compare them all can be tedious. That’s why we’ve done a lot of the hard work upfront to make your job easier.

In this post, we’ll present seven of the fastest WordPress hosting providers that we’ve identified through performance testing. We’ll look at the plans offered by each provider, including their features and pricing, to help you decide. Let’s get started!

7. Bluehost

Bluehost is a popular and reliable WordPress hosting provider that offers affordable prices. Bluehost rates are not only optimized for speed and performance but also offer one-click WordPress installation.

Bluehost offers relatively fast customer service via chat, which is available 24/7. They also use robust hardware, and scaling their plans is quick and easy.

Other key features include:

Advanced security features (including malware scans).

Free CDN and SSL certificates

WordPress-specific VPS packages

Kernel-based virtual machine (KVM) hypervisor virtualization technology.

Bluehost also offers a custom control panel that makes site management a breeze. This is designed specifically for WordPress users.

Pricing and Rate Details

Bluehost’s WordPress hosting plans start at just $2.75/month. The basic plan includes a WordPress installation and 50GB of storage.

A Plus plan is also available ($5.45 per month), as is a Pro plan ($13.95 per month). All offerings include a free domain for one year, an SSL certificate, and a CDN.

It’s worth noting that Bluehost does not offer monthly plans. Each plan requires at the very least a 12-month commitment..

Performance testing

In a previous performance test by Bluehost, the WordPress host showed relatively fast load times across the board:

Uptime: 99.97%.

Uptime from the USA: 0.96s

Load time from Europe: 1.37s

Charging time from Asia: 1.84s

The minimum response time was perfect, and the maximum was not much more than 2 seconds. The web host also showed a consistently impressive uptime.

6. InMotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting offers shared, VPS, dedicated, and managed WordPress hosting. The operational infrastructure includes a stack optimized for WordPress and a free CDN to ensure exceptional loading times.

Not only is InMotion one of the most affordable and fastest WordPress hosting providers, but it also has a wealth of WordPress-specific tools and features. These include pre-installed WordPress, a page builder for WordPress (BoldGrid), and automatic WordPress plugin and theme updates.

Pricing and rate details

InMotion’s managed WordPress plans start at just $2.29 per month. This entry-level plan includes a website, 50GB of storage, and up to 20,000 monthly visitors. The provider also offers plans for small businesses ($7.99 per month) and developers ($15.99 per month).

Performance tests

As we described in our review of InMotion Hosting, this provider performed better in some locations, but overall it did well in our UK page speed tests:

Uptime: 100%.

Load time from the USA: 0.45s

Load time from Europe: 0.71s

Load time from Asia: 1.98s

It also did well in the impact tests. The minimum response time was 0.27 seconds, and the maximum was 0.84 seconds.

5. DreamHost

DreamHost is a reliable hosting provider that offers shared, VPS, and managed WordPress hosting plans at affordable prices. In addition, some notable features make DreamHost a solid option, as well as being one of the cheapest and fastest WordPress hosting providers.

For example, DreamHost’s managed WordPress packages not only come with WordPress pre-installed but also include a free Jetpack Premium subscription. You also benefit from enhanced security thanks to two WordPress-optimized web application firewalls (WAF).

Prices and tariff details

DreamHost’s basic managed WordPress hosting plan, called DreamPress, starts at $16.95 per month. This includes one website, up to 100,000 monthly visitors, and 30GB of storage. There is also a Plus plan ($24.95 per month) and a Pro plan ($71.95 per month).

DreamHost also offers affordable shared plans, but you’ll have to sacrifice the performance of the WordPress-optimistic DreamPress plans.

Performance Testing

As part of our DreamHost review, we tested page speed and load impact and found satisfactory results:

Uptime: 99.79

Load time from the USA: 1.41s

Load time from Europe: 2.47s

Load time from Asia: 2.58s

With a minimum response time of 0.26 seconds and a maximum response time of 1.26 seconds, the load impact tests underscored DreamHost’s ability to perform well under pressure without losing speed.

4. SiteGround

SiteGround has become an extremely popular WordPress host. Not only does SiteGround offer several managed WordPress plans that are ideal for budget-conscious users, but it is also one of the few hosters that officially recommends.

This provider offers a whole range of WordPress-specific features. These include free WordPress site downloads, one-click installations, and automatic updates.

SiteGround also offers a WordPress SuperCacher. This is a SiteGround-specific feature that implements caching for your WordPress site at multiple levels to achieve faster load times.

Pricing and rate details

SiteGround’s StartUp plan starts at just $2.99 per month. It’s suitable for up to 10,000 monthly visitors and includes 10GB of storage for a WordPress website. You can also join the GrowBig plan ($4.99 per month) or the GoGeek plan ($7.99 per month).

Note that these are special prices that only apply to your first billing cycle. Try to have them locked up for three years if you can afford it.

Performance review

In our review of SiteGround, we ran tests on page speed and load impact. The results were as below::

Uptime: 99.9%

Load time from the USA: 1.04s

Load time from Europe: 0.31s

Load time from Asia: 1.67s

In the load test, SiteGround had a minimum response time of 0.74 seconds and a maximum response time of 1.48 seconds. These results confirm that no matter where your website is located, speed should not be a problem with this provider.

3. WP Engine

WP Engine is a specialized WordPress host that offers a range of fully managed packages, all built on a reliable architecture designed for speed and scalability.

The managed WordPress packages offer:

Integrated caching with Varnish and Memcached.

Free SSL Certificates

Built-in CDN

Fast website installation

Ease of setup (two separate staging environments)

Performance tracking and diagnostic options

24/7 support

Pricing and plan details

WP Engine’s starter plan costs $20 per month. It supports one WordPress site, 25,000 monthly visits, and 10GB of local storage.

There are also Professional ($63 per month), Growth ($115 per month), and Scale ($290 per month) plans. All plans come with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

If you pay for an annual plan, you get two months free.

Performance tests

We ran page speed and load impact tests to evaluate how this provider compares to some of the other faster WordPress hosting providers.

Using Pingdom, we ran the page speed tests and found that WP Engine consistently stayed below the recommended two-second mark:

Uptime: 99.99%.

Load time from the USA: 0.75s

Load time from Europe: 1.13s

Charging time from Asia: 1.66s

Even more impressive was the ability to maintain fast response times, even during peak loads. In the load impact test, the WP Engine had a minimum response time of 0.51 seconds and a max of 0.59 seconds.

2. Flywheel

Flywheel is another popular WordPress-specific web host that offers rates and features suitable for everyone from freelancers to agencies. Flywheel is not only one of the fastest WordPress hosting companies, but it also shares many similarities with Kinsta.

It is powered by Google Cloud and includes a free CDN and a custom dashboard designed for managing WordPress sites. It also uses a custom caching engine, offers nightly backups, and has multiple data centers worldwide.

Note: In 2019, Flywheel was acquired by WP Engine (the next host on our list). However, the two are still listed separately.

Pricing and rate details.

Flywheel offers a small, affordable plan for just $13 per month, though it only allows 5,000 visits per month for a single website.

If you want to increase this amount, you can choose the Starter plan for $25 per month. This plan supports one website, 25,000 monthly visits, and 10 GB of storage.

Flywheel offers two free months if you sign up for an annual plan. There are also Freelance ($96 per month) and Agency ($242 per month) plans.

Performance testing

To measure Flywheel’s performance as one of the fastest WordPress hosting providers, we used Pingdom to run page speed tests for three server locations. Here are the results:

Uptime: 100%.

Loading time from the USA: 0.35s

Loading time from Europe: 0.86s

Load time from Asia: 1.82s

We also used Load Impact to test its response under stress. The minimum response time was 0.15 seconds, and the maximum was 1.19 seconds.

1. Kinsta

Kinsta is a WordPress-specific hosting provider that offers a range of fully managed packages. Their WordPress cloud hosting is powered exclusively by Google Cloud, which is optimized for speed and performance.

Kinsta’s features include:

Server-level caching with Nginx Fast_CGI caching.

Free CDN, powered by KeyCDN.

A custom MyKinsta control panel

Automated daily backups

Free SSL certificates

One-click staging environments

Free migrations

SSH access

All of these features are included in all Kinsta hosting packages. Kinsta does not have tiered support levels but provides high-level 24/7 support to all customers.

Pricing and tariff details

The Kinsta hosting plan price starts at $29.17 per month and includes two free months with annual billing. The starter plan offers support for:

One WordPress installation

10 GB of storage space

25,000 monthly visits

Free CDN with a 50 GB limit.

There are also Pro ($60 per month), Business (starting at $100 per month), and Enterprise (starting at $600 per month) plans. However, there is a whole range of fees in between and beyond.

Performance tests

When looking for the fastest hosting providers for WordPress, it’s important to consider performance testing and benchmarking. In our performance tests of Kinsta for CodeInWP, we found the following:

Uptime: 99.42%.

Load time from the USA: 0.62s

Load time from Europe: 0.79s

Load time from Asia: 1.79s

We also performed load impact tests. The minimum response time was 0.12 seconds, while the maximum response time was only 0.13 seconds.