10 important on-page SEO factors that everybody needs to know


On-page SEO (also known as on-site SEO) is defined as the act of optimizing web pages to enhance an engine of a website so that it can search and be found easily and quickly. Through website optimization, you give your page a sense of credibility, reliability, expertise, and trustworthiness. The main essential factors for improving SEO services are as follows:


These three letters stand for the word expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. The idea is that your website must be based on those three elements. Google raters are very sensitive to asses and evaluating content creators and their websites, respectively. E-A-T behaves like an engine for your on-page SOE and thus has to be the prior consideration in your SEO strategy.

Title Tag

The title tag provides an initial hint or cue of your topic on the webpage. Website optimization must also consider how the title tag is written and formed. Otherwise, it would be poorly evaluated and greatly overlooked. If this is the case, your SEO results will be negative and disappointing.

Meta Description

Meta description serves as essential information about what your page is going on. They are often written beneath the page title. It has been said that those descriptions are by no means providing any help. However, there are strong arguments that they genuinely do help. On the one hand, they improve the perception of the resulting quality. On the other hand, they enhance the perception of what your website offers.


It has been widely confirmed that one of the leading factors for a website to perform well is stating headlines. Providing a single title for a post does not lead to the designed purposes or improvement in the webpage engine. It has to be detailed by clear headlines created strategically and formed interestingly.

Header Tags

Header tags behave as fundamental elements whose function is to identify headings and subheadings so that they can be readily observable, like a paragraph. They play a crucial role in SEO optimization as well as ranking. They can make your content enjoyable and not dull for your visitors and give keywords for the topic you are handling.

SEO Writing

SEO package must be motivated by two essential parameters while writing on a webpage. The first one, you have to write content that will undoubtedly enhance the search engines. Second, you need to take visitors and users in mind. Therefore, your content must be high-quality, relevant, and well-organized.

Keyword Cannibalization

It has been observed that ranking goes hand in hand with targeting many keywords on your page. Nevertheless, this view is false and will likely lead to keyword cannibalization, which often results in bad results for the website. Hence, if you have many pages ranking for the same keyword, you have to solve the problem quickly.

Content Audit

Making your content precise, concise, and brief is vital for your SEO page. It helps you to assess whether your content is achieving its designed aims. Additionally, it makes you close enough to visually observe whether your content is to the point and up-to-date or not. Finally, it allows you to find out what content is better for you and your visitors.

Image Optimization

One way to make your website attractive is to add images since they are often expressive and informative. Not all images are valuable and can impact your website positively. They are some photos that slow down your SEO page. Images can open ranking chances and make your page faster.